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Gutters are an overlooked system in many homes. When they aren’t working properly, leaks can cost you money and time to repair – but it doesn’t have be this way! There’s more than one type out there for every budget or need. Below we will explain seamless gutters versus sectional gutter systems. You will want to check out this article before making your decision. That when rainy days do come around again, nothing will stand between protecting your Bucks County home from water damage with gutter installation by Malanda Exteriors.

What Are Gutters?

Gutters are an important part of the house that prevent water from pooling on your property and damaging its foundation. They are the long, hollow devices attached to your roof edges that catch rainwater and direct it away from a house’s foundation for proper drainage. A successful gutter system will help you avoid costly repair or replacement for years to come!

Types Of Gutters?

Gutters can be categorized by their type and design, with the most common being sectional gutter systems. There are also seamless options available for those looking to avoid unsightly seams or weakened areas on their house exterior due water damage from rainstorms. 
The choice between a seamed versus seamless construction will depend largely upon what you prefer.

Sectional or Seamed Gutters

The sectional gutter has been around since 2500 B.C., according to Eco Clean, sections of these gutters can be connected together with other lengths for a larger drainage system. Gutters have been around for centuries and continue to evolve. The earliest versions were made from wood, but today’s sectional gutter systems can be crafted out of a variety of materials like vinyl or steel; some even include an aluminum splash guard that prevents leaves from falling into your gutters!

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a single continuous piece of gutter often cut from one single-coil metal. This type offers many benefits, such as added strength and reliability due to its seamless design which can’t be achieved with sectional pieces like those found in traditional system installations today. The chance of leaks is eliminated with seamless gutters because they are one continuous piece. The benefits also include reduced chances for mold, rot or water damage to your property caused by poorly installed gutter systems that have joints in them which can lead directly into some serious headaches down the line!

What Materials Are Used?

Guttering systems have evolved over time to be made out of different materials like vinyl, steel and aluminum. Steel is the most reliable type under extreme weather conditions because it’s strong while being lightweight enough so that you can still match your roof color perfectly! 

Different Shapes of Gutters?

  • K-Shape

    These gutters are the most popular type because they have a similar appearance to crown molding, which can be found in house interiors. K-shapes can carry more water than half round ones and due their creases running along length it makes them structurally stronger as well.

  • Fascia Shape

    The tall, narrow gutters of the fascia style are an excellent choice for capturing water. These highly inclined gutter systems can be difficult to clean. Since they have increased depths which make them harder to clean than other types on average, but this may appeal some homeowners who want their house look more elegant with its clean lines!

  • Half-Round Shape

    Half-rounded gutters have a more traditional look than the k shape. They carry less water and extend 6 inches from where it meets your fascia, making them wider but not as tall (about 3 inch height).

Life Expectancy of Gutters

The life expectancy of your gutters and downspouts will be dependent on the material that is used. For galvanized steel gutters and downspouts, they have a life expectancy of 20 years. Vinyl gutters and downspouts are 25 years, where as aluminum gutters and downspouts can last for 20 to 40 years. The longest lasting gutters are made out of copper. They can last for 50 years, and the downspouts for 100!

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters are an essential part of your home that protect it from water damage. If they aren’t clear, you may have more issues than just rainwater flowing into the gutter and causing problems with foundation integrity. Moisture coming down along the side of homes can lead to siding rot or roofing stress which could result in costly repairs. Before that happens – do not ignore this problem, give us a call so that way your gutters will be free and clear of debris. 

Malanda Exteriors Gutter Installation in Bucks County

Want to add curb appeal and protect your asset from water damage? Gutter installation is the perfect way! As you can see, this process won’t be easy but with help of professionals it’ll get done in no time. With Malanda Exteriors gutter installation services, we will take care everything including cleaning up afterwards so there’s nothing left behind except beautiful guttering system on every building around Bucks County.