Stucco Siding 101

The Guide to Stucco Siding

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Stucco has been around for centuries! It is no wonder why; stucco is durable, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and a classic option for exterior siding. In fact, it became especially popular for homes in the 1950’s. More over, to properly apply stucco takes a trained hand, much like an artist! Malanda Exteriors specializes in stucco siding for residential and commercial properties. Our team of roofing & siding contractors have been creating beautiful stucco exteriors for over 20 years! Thus, today we will go over some stucco 101s! This guide is perfect for the home owner or business owner considering stucco for their building’s exterior. Additionally, we will be answering all the questions you may have about stucco siding such as….

What is Stucco?

Stucco is a kind of textured siding that can be applied to both interiors and exteriors of buildings. It is created with cement plaster and has been widely used as siding since ancient Greece! No two stucco exteriors are alike. In fact, it can come in a variety of colors and textures.

Stucco siding has come back in popularity due to its many positive features such as…

Types Of Stucco?

There are two main systems of stucco that can be applied to your building exterior. The difference is really in the process sequence rather than the choice of materials. Both types use the same materials to make: cement, lime, sand, and water.  The base coat is really where the two system differ. Thus, there is the three coat system and the one coat system.

One Coat Stucco

While called the “one coat” system, in reality the application is at least two coats. In this stucco system a thinner base coat is used to the cement mix is a little bit different than in the three coat system. The base coat contains additives that make it more water resistant and reduces potential cracking. One coat is the faster process and thus has grown in popularity over the years.

Three Coat Stucco

Also known as the “traditional” stucco, the three coat system has three layers: scratch coat, brown coat and the finish coat. This system tends to be thicker than the one coat variety and is known for being very sturdy. Underneath the three coats is a layer of paper and wire. Three coat stucco takes a lot longer but ultimately results in a beautiful and long-lasting siding.

What Stucco Colors Are There?

There are a lot of stucco colors you can choose from! Classic stucco has a neutral tan color but white is very popular in places like the coastal Mediterranean. You can also go bold with colors such as pink, black and even blue. For even more natural and earthy options you can go with green or grey.

Can you Paint Stucco?

The short answer is yes. Stucco, like any other surface can be painted. Now if it is a good idea to paint it or not can vary depending on several factors. The best option is to ask a stucco expert before deciding to paint your stucco siding. You can always contact Malanda Exteriors for a free consultation!

How to Stucco?

Keep in mind that stucco is a long and laborious process that really takes a professional to accomplish properly. Thus, we strongly recommend you don’t DIY your stucco siding. Anyways, we will go over the steps it takes to create stucco exteriors.

  1.  When scheduling your service it is important to make sure the weather is optimal. Ideally the forecast should be overcast, low winds and the temperature relatively cool.
  2. We then put up the sheathing materials, as well as the paper and wire layer. This is important to creating a strong, long lasting stucco siding.
  3. Next we mix the scratch coat which is part cement, part plaster sand and part portable water. From there we apply the scratch coat.
  4. Then we score the scratch coat. This is important because it’ll ensure a strong bond with the next coat which we will apply once the scratch coat is dry.
  5. From there we mix the brown coat. This layer is composed of cement and more sand. This layer will take up to 7 days to dry and cure.
  6. Finally we can mix and apply the finish coat. This is also mad with a combination of cement and sand. Moreover this coat will determine the texture and color of your stucco siding.

Ready to get Stucco Siding?

With that you now know the basics to stucco siding! As you can see stucco is a classic method that takes a lot of work to create. Installing stucco can be a great way to beautify your home or office. Are you ready to get stucco siding for your residential or commercial building? Call Malanda Exteriors today for a free consultation!