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Roofing Contactors in Hamilton, NJ

Looking for reputable roofing contractors in Hamilton, NJ? Malanda Exteriors is here to help. We have over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial roofing and siding. We're committed to offering our customers the highest quality service and materials while still maintaining efficiency and affordability.

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Professional & Reliable Roofing Contractors in Hamilton, NJ

Malanda Exteriors is a Commercial & Residential Roofing & Siding Company Serving Hamilton, NJ

If your home needs a new roof, finding reputable roofing contractors in Hamilton, NJ can be difficult and stressful. Malanda Exteriors is here to help make that difficult decision a bit easier.  We have over two decades of experience in the residential and commercial roofing business as well as siding, stucco, stone veneer, and gutter installation.

We make sure to keep proper communication with all of our customers, letting them know about turnaround, price, shipping, and other important factors. We also make sure to do thorough inspections on the finished product to ensure that everything is placed properly. The job will only be considered complete once there has been a thorough inspection of the roofing material and if everything has been appropriately installed.

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Roofing Contractors in Hamilton, NJ

Why Choose Malanda Exteriors As Your Roofing Contractor?

We have a dedicated team of roofing contractors ready to revitalize your home in Hamilton, NJ

As stated before, we have over 20 years of experience in the exterior remodeling business, so not only do we understand the business, we also have been able to streamline efficiency without sacrificing quality. Our team of roofing contractors will be in and out quickly, still making sure to keep all things in check and matching safety protocols. Here at Malanda Exteriors, quality service, quality materials, and efficiency are our commitment.

When to Replace Your Roof

If you notice any of these issues on your roof, it may be time to call a hamilton, NJ residential roofing contractor

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Which Types of Roofing do We offer?

Desired Roofing Materials will depend on Budget, Structure, & Aesthetics

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing in Hamilton, NJ

Copper roofing is available for both residential and commercial purposes. Depending on your budget, a new metal roof may be a viable option for your home. Though metal roofing is more costly than the standard asphalt roof, it can prove more durable and long-lasting and, therefor, may be considered a worthy investment.

Benefits of metal Roofing

Copper Roofing Types

Continuous Copper Roofs

Made personally to fit the exact details of your roof – these roofs are installed without seams, joints or breaks. Its the most expensive of the options due to the specific manufacturing and install efforts but it will look incredible!

Copper Panels

This style comes cut in standard widths and are either welded or crimped together. Copper panels have its own look – which is professional and efficient. Its an affordable option and a popular choice for more industrial properties. 

Copper Shingles

This option is low in cost because of the fact that they are installed like any other shingles but are a statement in elegant style! Best suited for a stately residential property or a unique commercial building.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt Roofing in Hamilton, NJ

Asphalt shingles are the most common form of roofing material because they are affordable and long-lasting. Most asphalt roofs can last anywhere between 15 to 30 years, depending on the type of shingles installed and the climate your home resides in.

There are many different types of asphalt shingle styles to choose from that vary in price depending on style, material, and durability.

Asphalt Shingle Types

3-Tab/Strip Asphalt Shingles

These are the most basic type of asphalt shingles, and also the most affordable. Each strip has 3 tabs that form one shingle piece. These may not be the most unique, but they are the baseline standard for most houses and are fairly durable and long-lasting.

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

This shingle type has a bit more dimension to it and can really enhance your home’s exterior appearance. They are also a bit more durable and last longer than the standard 3-tab shingle type, though they are slightly more expensive.

Premium Luxury Shingles

These are one of the highest quality asphalt shingles, as they are the most durable and long-lasting. They’re much thicker and are laminated to improve durability. They also have the 3-dimensional quality to give your roof a unique and appealing look. Though they are the most expensive. they may be worth investing in.

Our Working Process for Roofing installation Services



When we visit your home we will inspect it for any problems and discuss all questions your may have about your property’s roof. We will also take measurements so we can determine how much material we will need.



Once we know what you want and what your building needs we will discuss the steps involved in the project. We won’t start until you are completely happy with our proposal and estimate!



Once a schedule is agreed upon, we can get started! We will get the materials and get to work professionally installing your roof as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Once the job is done, our team will inspect everything to make sure everything is done correctly. We will never leave you with an unfinished job! We will prove why we are the best siding contractor in PA!

Not Looking to Replace Your Roof?

We also offer...

Roof coating can increase your roof’s lifespan by a few years before your home needs a full roof replacement

Lost some shingles during a storm? We can replace small areas of lost shingles without having to replace the roof

More than 20 years
in the Roofing & Siding Industry

Malanda Exteriors has been providing superior, professional roofing contractor services to the homes and businesses all throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Hamilton, NJ. Moreover, we offer a range of services including…

  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Stucco & Stone Exteriors
  • Residential & Commercial Roofing
  • Copper Metal Roofing
  • Roof Coating & Shingles Repair


Residential Roofing

From simple maintenance to a complete replacement, if your home needs a professional then look no further than Malanda Exteriors!


Commercial Roofing

If your commercial property needs roofing service that is done right the first time then be sure to give us a call today for a free consultation!



Offering siding installation and maintenance service with the highest quality materials in the industry. Transform your home’s exteriors with our services!



Clogged, damaged, or leaky gutters and downspouts can be a real nightmare! We can affordably replace all of your gutters and downspouts! Call us today!


Stucco & Stone

Beautify your home or commercial building with a stone or stucco facade! Our team can install your stone and stucco  quickly and professionally!